#100DaysOfMERN - Day 54

#100DaysOfMERN - Day 54


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✏ Collection of my most used Git commands

Initialise Repo

git init

Remote vs Local

Create local copy of a remote repo:

git clone <repourl>

Merge remote master/main branch with local master:

git pull origin master

Push to remote from local:

git push origin <branch>

Set origin alias:

git remote add origin <url>


Show all branches:

git branch -a

Switch to branch:

git checkout <branch>

Create new branch:

git branch <branch>

Create new branch and switch to branch:

git checkout -b <branch>

Delete a branch (needs to be merged with master branch):

git branch -d <branch>

Delete an unmerged branch:

git branch -D <branch>


Log commits (without/with short ID)

git log
git log --oneline

Show tracked/modified/staged files:

git status

Add tracked file / all files to staging area:

git add <filename>
git add .

Remove file / all files from staging area:

git rm --cached <filename>
git rm --cached . -r

Commit with message:

git commit -m "message"

Rewind to certain commit:

git checkout <shortID>

Undoing things

My favourite image to illustrate the situation:


(image credit and solution strategies)

Remove commit from history:

git revert <shortID>

Cancel revert (in case of conflict):

git revert --abort

Erase commits (changes are still visible in editor/can be re-commited as one bundled commit)

git reset <shortID>
git reset HEAD^ --soft

Permanently erase commits:

git reset <shortID> --hard


Merge branch into current branch:

git merge <branch>

Undo latest merge (keep changes in editor):

git reset --merge

Permanently undo latest merge:

git reset --hard ORIG_HEAD

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